Did the Lady with the Snake on the wood-panelled wall of your friend’s office cast a spell on you? Perhaps next time you meet him in a bar you will ask him how much the oil-on-canvas magic cost him. Waiting for a business partner in a hotel lobby your eyes drifted to a 17th-century Mughal fort, beautifully captured in water colour. And the lonely woman at the bathing ghat – a masterpiece in charcoal – has haunted you ever since you saw it in a diplomat’s living room. A busy professional worrying about approaching deadlines, flying frequently, you have secretly nursed the dream of buying an original painting, proudly telling your visitors about its medium. But you neither have the time to visit an art gallery nor do you know how to assess the worth of an artwork. Parchment Canvas steps in here, bridging the gap between an art lover like you and the creative world of those men and women for whom the canvas has always been the life.

You need not go either to a gallery or art village, unsure of your steps. Just visit us at and make a choice – Madhubani, Santiniketan, Kangra, Tanjore, Baroda… Curated by experts of long experience, this is the only gallery you ever need to have set your foot in. Easy, affordable, trustworthy, Parchment Canvas is a celebration of creativity. You only click your choice and the rest – our responsibility.  

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